Sandra Higgins of Go Vegan World was interviewed on The Last Word, by Matt Cooper along with Joe Healy, Dairy Farmer and President of the IFA. The interview followed a press release to media and to ever member of the IFA which insinuated that Go Vegan World is funded by those who stand to profit from a vegan world.

Go Vegan World is a small non-profit company that is fully compliant with Irish regulations. It receives donations from individuals who share its aim for a complete and rapid end to all human use of other animals. Their anonymity, as donors, is enshrined in Irish law and Go Vegan World is not required to reveal their identities.

This attempt by the IFA to bully and malign is indicative of its inability to address the moral issue of animal rights violations inherent in farming animals. If the IFA truly cared about its farmer members it would join Go Vegan World in assisting them to transition to an ethical, sustainable plant-based economy. Go Vegan World invites farmers who are troubled by the work of exploiting and killing animals to contact us for assistance to extricate themselves from this unjust system.

Go Vegan World does not currently have a donate button on its website but if you would like to donate to us please contact us at