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Living Vegan

Living vegan has never been easier.

Most people describe going vegan as the best decision of their lives. Their only regret is that they did not do it sooner. Many people describe a sense of lightness of spirit too. This probably comes from knowing that we are now living in a way that causes the least possible harm to others.  Perhaps also, there is a relaxation of our minds, as we face up to the truth we have been denying as non-vegans.

You will find many sources of support both online and among vegan friends and colleagues, to help you live as a vegan in a non-vegan world.

It is the social aspects that can pose the most fear for people who are contemplating veganism. Fear of social difficulty is not a sufficient reason not to be vegan. If you have social difficulty because you are making ethical moral choices, you are not the one with the problem.

These pages will give you further practical guidance on many aspects of living vegan.