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The easiest way to ensure that you can eat ethically when you are visiting a friend or relative is to phone ahead. Be sure to explain what vegans do and do not eat. You can suggest some recipes or, if you are visiting a friend, you can offer to bring one of the courses or some side dishes with you.  Some people find this aspect of being vegan a little awkward. Look on it as an opportunity to do some practical vegan education. It will not be the end of the world if things don’t work out; you can always eat a snack when you get home.


If you are going to a restaurant or other event such as a party or wedding, the same advice applies. Given notice and some tips, most people are willing to accommodate your ethical beliefs. If you are at a restaurant without any vegan options please speak to the chef and let him or her know how easy it is to veganise any meal.

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