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Go Vegan World Rugby League ad on BBC Sport & SKY TV New Zealand

On October 27th 2018, our Dairy Takes Babies from their Mothers ad was broadcast to over 20 million viewers through BBC Sport and Sky TV New Zealand, [...]

Landmark Ruling for Tortured Laboratory Animals

Advertising Standards Authority (“ASA”) upholds Go Vegan World’s claim that animals are tortured for research “Every animal used in research is bred t [...]

Damien Reilly interviews Sandra Higgins on Countrywide

Damien O'Reilly, Countrywide, RTE Radio 1, rehashed the same old same old in an interview with Sandra Higgins of Go Vegan World. This same audience ha [...]

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Advocating for a Vegan World: Lessons from Ireland

Ireland is the largest exporter of bovine flesh in the Northern Hemisphere, outstripping the US, Canada and Mexico. It is the 10th largest dairy expor [...]

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is a campaign that aims to educate the public on animal rights, promote veganism, and challenge the legal status of other animals as human property. It is animal focused in nature and seeks complete cessation of animal use by humans. The first of its kind in Europe, it was launched in Ireland in 2015.

In celebration of World Vegan Month 2015, vegan advertising appeared in public throughout Ireland. The campaign was successful in its aim of highlighting the unjust exploitation inherent in our use of other animals in Ireland. In 2016 it expanded to other countries.
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Download Vegan Guide

Go Vegan World CLG is an animal rights and advocacy organisation established as a not-for-profit company. It is founded on the notion that everyone has the fundamental right not to be owned, bred, used, harmed or killed, regardless of species. Living vegan respects these fundamental rights. Go Vegan World exists to educate the public on animal rights, to promote veganism, to dispel the myths that sustain animal exploitation, and to dismantle the legal property status of other animals . It is an advocacy body whose activities pertaining to animal rights and dismantling the legal property status of other animals do not fit within the definition of a charitable organisation in the Republic of Ireland, and it is, therefore, not a registered charity.