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They Trust Us We Torture Them For Research


Vivisection is the practice of cutting into or using invasive techniques on live animals. It is  used in medical research, product testing for cosmetics and cleaning products, in education, the military, and in agriculture.

Some of the worst horrors perpetrated on this earth are inflicted on non-humans in the name of research. Not only is this unethical and horrific; it is poor science (Beauchamp et al, 2015).


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When you choose personal care and cleaning products that are vegan friendly, you play your role in boycotting vivisection. When you choose not to eat animal foods you also choose not to participate in animal agricultural research.


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The animals we use in research, entertainment, for companionship, and for clothing, suffer just as horribly as farmed animals. There is no shortage of evidence on the ways in which we torture them.

None of it is necessary. None of it is justifiable. You can stop paying for it by going vegan.

Don’t ask me why I am vegan; do the research and ask yourself why you are not.