Once we agree that humans have no need to use the bodies and lives of other animals to meet our nutritional needs; once we agree that animal agriculture is destroying our world to the extent that we have entered the Sixth Extinction; once we agree that our use of other animals is necessarily violent and that it also impacts on other humans through the intersectional effects of world hunger, human disease and premature death, destruction of the biosphere, climate change, and the violation of the rights of the workers who we pay to kill on our behalf, does it follow that we have a moral responsibility to stop? Not according to Ciara Kelly, Newstalk Presenter.

Sandra Higgins defends the rights of 70 billion land animals, trillions of marine animals, and the countless individuals used for clothing, entertainment and research.

Facts are different to opinions.

Veganism is a moral conviction based on fact.

It is a fact that humans are not the only sentient beings on this earth.

It is a fact that all animal use is violent.

It is a fact that the animals we use feel pain when we hurt them.

It is a fact that they have an interest in staying alive.

It is a fact that they are defenceless and innocent and it is a fact that we brutally harm and kill them when we have no need to do so.

To the embarassment of the Newstalk Radio researcher who apologised to guest Sandra Higgins for the presenter’s behaviour, Ciara Kelly defends her right to harm and kill based on personal opinion rather than established fact.