Go Vegan World has launched a nationwide campaign targeting large cities. Targeting people when they are most likely to think about behaviour change and New Year Resolutions. The Go Vegan World ads launched in late December and early January on buses, taxis, video screens, and on street and motorway billboards in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leicester, Newcastle and Bristol.

Humans do not change their behaviour in any meaningful or long lasting way unless they are motivated to do so by also changing how they think and feel. This campaign is unique in its focus on other animals as the motivating factor for veganism. Veganism is not a diet or something we can dip in and out of. It is a way of living that is motivated by a change in our feeling and thinking about other animals once we become aware of information that challenges our speciesism. Information on the latest vegan product, or the health benefits of veganism, or any of the other benefits of veganism are not usually sufficient to ensure that people cease their participation in all animal use or that they do so on a long term basis. The people who stay vegan do so for ethical reasons. The only reason we need to be vegan is the recognition of the truth that other animals are sentient individuals with the right not to be owned, used, harmed, exploited, or killed by us.  It is a simple question of respect. Once the motivation is guided by needs of other animals, going and staying vegan is easy.