Go Vegan World Exposes Standard Legal Practice on Dairy Farms in UK wide Campaign

telling us that: ‘Dairy Takes Babies from their Mothers’.

“Every vegan went vegan because they learned information that changed their thoughts about using other animals. The role of Go Vegan World is to publicise that information.”
Sandra Higgins, Director of Go Vegan World.

The campaign which runs throughout February, with a heightened presence during the last two weeks of February mid-February, will run on more than 100 London Buses concentrated out of two depots in the Edgware area for targeted impact. Common routes that the Go Vegan World advertised buses will serve include 25, 125, 205, N26 and 142, and the ads will be carried across locations including Aldwych, Baker Street, Borehamwood, Euston, Golders Green, Marble Arch, Trafalgar Square and Whitechapel.  High profile billboards will also run in various locations across Birmingham, including the iconic backdrop of Spaghetti Junction, and in various locations in the UK including Leeds, Edinburgh, Manchester, Glasgow, Salford, Peterborough, Bradford and Preston.

Sandra Higgins, Director of Go Vegan World says:

“Most people think cows produce milk naturally. We don’t realise milk is produced in controlled and artificial conditions that exploit the reproductive system of female cows. We don’t think of other animals as mothers. We don’t think about how they become pregnant (usually via artificial insemination). They are mammals, like us, and they do not produce milk unless they have given birth. We don’t think about the fact that the dairy products on our shop shelves are made from the milk that mother cows produced to feed their newborn calves, who are separated from them shortly after birth to cater for our demand for dairy. We don’t think about their sons who face a fate on veal farms, live export ships, or death in slaughterhouses not long after birth because they don’t produce milk. We don’t think about their daughters whose face the same future as their mothers of annual pregnancy, loss of their calves, and being milked by the dairy industry until they are slaughtered before they have reached a fraction of their natural lifespan. We don’t think about the fear and bewilderment of newly born animals separated from their mothers; or about their mothers’ grief; or about the violent deaths they all face when they are no longer profitable to the industry.”

“The reason most people do not think about these facts is because the industry carefully hides them. It’s time to think about them. It’s time to go vegan.”

The UK is among the leading producers of cow milk worldwide with a production volume of 15 million metric tons in 2023. An additional 293.900 tonnes of dairy were imported to the UK in 2023, a significant amount coming from Ireland where agricultural emissions are the highest sectoral GHG emissions in the country (38.4%), caused chiefly by the production of dairy.

Sandra Higgins, continues:

“The dairy industry, like all animal exploiting industries, is unnecessary and violent. We have been farming animals for the last few thousand years but our domination of them is now threatening human health and the planet’s ecosystem. There is an urgent need to switch to a plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle for the good of other animals, humans, including farmers, and the planet.”

Landmark Decision for Go Vegan World

In 2017, the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK investigated complaints alleging that Go Vegan World ads highlighting the injustice of dairy production and consumption were misleading. The complaints were made in an attempt to have the campaign withdrawn thereby preventing people from learning the truth. However, in a landmark decision by the ASA, Go Vegan World was vindicated and the ads were found to be accurate and objectively substantiated with supporting  evidence. Go Vegan World has been running this ad consistently since 2016.

Go Vegan World’s website provides information on the injustice of animal use, including their use in the dairy industry. Their free Vegan Guide is an informative and easy way to learn more about being vegan.

Full list of London locations:

Aldgate, Aldwych, Angel, Apex Corner, Arkley, Arnos Grove, Baker Street, Bank, Barkingside, Barnet, Bethnal Green, Blackwall Station, Borehamwood, Bow, Brent Cross, Burnt Oak, Camden Town, Canary Wharf, Cannon Street, Canons Park, Colindale, Cricklewood, Dalston, Edgware, Elstree, Euston, Finchley, Gants Hill, Golders Green, Grahame Park, Hainault, Hampstead, Harrow, Hendon, Highbury, Holborn, Holders Hill, Kenton, Kilburn, Kingsbury, Kingsbury Green, Kings Cross, Leamouth, Leytonstone, Limehouse, Liverpool Street, Marble Arch, Marylebone Station, Mile End, Mill Hill, Mill Hill East, Moorgate, Neasden, New Barnet Station, North Finchley, Northwick Park Hospital, North Harrow, Old Ford, Oxford Circus, Paddington, Piccadilly Circus, Pinner, Poplar, Preston, Queensbury, Redbridge, Ruislip, Shoreditch, South Hackney, South Harrow, South Ruislip, Stanmore, Stratford, Sudbury, Tottenham Court Road, Totteridge, Tower Hill, Trafalgar Square, Victoria, Wanstead, West Harrow, Wealdstone, Wembley, West Hendon, Whetstone, Whitechapel, Willesden

Full list of bus routes:

79, 125, 142, 288, 303, 326, H11, 113, 142, 204, 240, 642, N113, 8, 25, 26, 205, 277, 309, 388, 425, D6, N8, N25, N26, N205, N277.


Birmingham, London, Leeds, Salford, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bradford, Peterborough, Manchester, Barnsley and Preston.

Junction 5, M621 Westbound Broad Street (A6)

Spaghetti Gateway Westbound (A5127)

Spaghetti Gateway Eastbound (A5127)

Liverpool Road (A57) Westbound

355 Balmore Road, Northbound (A879)

Eastwoodmains Road, Giffnock (A727)

485 Aikenhead Road (A728)

North Circular Road (A406) Eastbound

Meadow Road (A653) Northbound

Wakefield Rd (A650) Southbound

Padholme Road

72 Rochdale Road (A664)

West Granton Road

Wakefield Road (A639)

Marionville Rd at Meadowbank

500 Chester Road (A5014)

Bowling Back Lane (A650)

141 Ealing Road, Wembley

Old Mill Lane, Southbound

Stanley Street (A59)

Dartmouth Park Hill, Islington

Padholme Road

– END –

Contact: Sandra Higgins, Director, Go Vegan World

Email: info@goveganworld.com

Tel: 00353872325832

About Go Vegan World

Go Vegan World an international animal rights and advocacy non-profit organisation. It is founded on the notion that everyone has the fundamental right not to be owned, bred, used, harmed or killed, regardless of species. Living vegan respects these fundamental rights. Go Vegan World exists to educate the public on animal rights, to promote veganism, to dispel the myths that sustain animal exploitation, and to dismantle the legal property status of other animals.