12th December 2021

Go Vegan World Launches its Christmas 2021 Advertising Campaign

As usual, in the run up to Christmas and the New Year, we remind people that the products we so mindlessly buy and consume, were living, feeling beings who did not want to die. Our ads are inspired and informed by the animals who live at our vegan sanctuary, Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary. They feature in many of our ads. Simply by being who they are, and showing how they interact with us, their photographs are a snapshot of their profoundly emotional lives. They are completely innocent, defenceless, feeling beings who have never harmed us. Yet, they face miserable lives and violent deaths for products that we do not need.


Climate Change, Environmental Destruction and Our Use of Other Animals

Our use of other animals is not only unethical because it violates the rights of other animals, it also causes ecological devastation including climate change, environmental destruction and loss of biodiversity. An astounding 37.1% of Irish Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) emissions is attributable to agriculture, mostly animal agriculture (EPA, 2021)*.

Even if non-vegan members of the public have no understanding of speciesism and do not yet accept that other animals have rights, if they claim to support human rights, then this fact should encourage them to consider the intersectional harm caused when we create a demand for animal agriculture, and, by doing so, encourage them to be vegan. This information is our right to know and our responsibility to act on. Yet, when Go Vegan World attempts to educate the public using this fact in one of our ads, we face refusal and a lack of acceptance of the facts by some advertising agencies, in this case CIE and Exterion, the company that manages advertising on Dublin Bus, Iarnród Eireann (Irish Rail) and Bus Éireann on behalf of CIÉ. Our ad was eventually accepted, very reluctantly, when we were able to demonstrate that the EPA did not have a problem with how we represented its statistics.

* In Ireland the Agriculture sector was directly responsible for 37.1% of national Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) emissions in 2020, mainly methane from livestock, and nitrous oxide due to the use of nitrogen fertiliser and manure management.

Several Hundred Irish Ads

We are running several hundred ads over the Christmas and New Year period. Watch out for them in villages, towns and cities around Ireland. If you are not already vegan, please think about our ads, do the research for yourself, and let us know if we can support you to be vegan. If you are already vegan, please discuss these ads with your non-vegan family, friends and colleagues and please support them to consider being vegan.