Veganism rejects animal use on the grounds that other animals are sentient and they share our fundamental rights not to be owned, bred, used or killed. Vegans refuse to participate in the use of sentient animals as if they were objects. We reject their use as commodities or resources and we recognise that other animals have the basic right not to be our property.

Discrimination against vegans denies them the right to live in recognition of the rights of non-human animals and thereby supports and perpetuates injustice against non-human animals. In these situations the fundamental rights of both humans, to have their fundamental convictions respected, and non-human animals, not to be commodified, exploited or killed, are breached.

By working to defend and promote the rights of vegans we can use the law to ensure that vegans are able to live in recognition of the rights of other animals. Vegan rights are therefore important to vegans, to ensure that we are able to live according to our fundamental conviction, but they are also very important tools in our work to promote the rights of other animals.

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