1st January 2024

Go Vegan World’s 2024 Campaign

Go Vegan World is running a large Outdoor and Social Media campaign for the 2024 New Year with ads in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

Our ad themes are necessarily varied due to advertising companies refusing to accept our ads. Nevertheless, the themes are consistent within the areas in which the ads appear.

Dairy Takes Babies from Their Mothers

We believe that our most effective ad is Dairy Takes Babies. Time and time again, this ad trips off the tongues of members of the public who have seen our campaigns. Many people have reported to us that this was the ad that prompted them to do some research into animal rights and go vegan. Once people grasp the injustice of one form of animal use, there is a high likelihood that they will abolish all animal use from their lives.

It’s Not a Personal Choice When Someone is Killed

It’s Not a Personal Choice When Someone is Killed is a reminder to everyone that when we choose to use other animals, their lives are taken from them. It is such a trite issue to buy an animal product because it looks nice or might taste nice, or because it’s something we’ve always done when, on the other hand, the animal whose skin, milk, eggs, or flesh this was, has died for our choice when we could just as easily have chosen a non-animal alternative.

These two ads are on 100 buses in Northern Ireland.

We Teach Our Children to Eat Those they Love

Most children would not choose to kill other animals for food. In fact, we carefully hide this fact from them as we encourage them to eat the products and dead bodies of the animals whose stories we read to them at bedtime. Children grow into adults who think they love other animals. This shows the contradiction between the values we claim to have and our behaviour. This contradiction is known as cognitive dissonance. Of course, other animals do not require our love. What they need is our respect for them as feeling beings with equal rights not to be harmed or killed. Our ads aim to confront members of the public with the picture of children’s natural affinity for other animals and a reminder that the adult world that teaches them that those animals are food and that it is acceptable to kill them.

These ads appear on three of the busiest stations on the London Underground: London Bridge, Waterloo and Liverpool St. The ads are also on 100 buses in Birmingham.

What We Eat Matters | Who We Eat Matters

By now, most people are aware that a plant-based diet is recommended for environmental protection reasons. Most people claim to be for human rights. Human rights include the right to a safe and healthy environment, as well as accurate information on the risks and recommendations for human health. The production and consumption of animal products is one of the most significant causes of climate warming, environmental destruction, human disease and early mortality.

Eating a vegan diet that is 100% plant based, without any animal products, reduces the risk of several human diseases and significantly reduces the damage to the environment caused by food production.

A comprehensive analysis of the diets of 55,000 people in the UK, using data from 38,000 farms in 119 countries, was recently conducted at the University of Oxford. The peer reviewed study led by Peter Scarborough, which was published in the journal Nature Food, showed that a vegan (100% plant-based diet) results in 75% less emissions, water pollution and land use than non-vegan diets (diets containing more than 100g animal flesh daily). The research also shows that a vegan diet cuts the destruction of wildlife by 66% and water use by 54% (Scarborough et al, 2023).

The results also showed that, in comparison to diets containing greater than 100g animal flesh per day, vegan diets (i.e. plant diets containing no animal products) cut methane emissions by 93.5% (confidence intervals 90.3% – 96.3%, Supplementary table 8).

The animal agriculture industry goes to enormous lengths to hide this type of information. But members of the public are entitled to accurate information about the consequences of their choice for the future of the planet and their personal health. Go Vegan World aims to bring this very important data to the public in an easily accessible way. Our ads are on billboards throughout Ireland.

Going vegan is relatively easy. The short-term inconvenience involved in learning why we should be vegan, what products are vegan friendly, and the nutritional components of a healthy plant-based diet, are minor in comparison to the many benefits of being vegan.

It is no longer a choice. When you look at the facts, being vegan is an essential component of addressing climate chaos and environmental destruction. It is our only hope of correcting the myth of human supremacy that has got us (and other animals) into this nightmare in the first place.


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