11th March 2022

Go Vegan World’s Easter 2022 Campaign

We have launched a campaign to run in Ireland from the week before Saint Patrick’s Day until after Easter.

The campaign will feature one hundred bus ads, and almost one hundred billboard and street ads.

This campaign is as timely in the run up to Easter when people imagine that they cannot enjoy the season without the consumption of chocolate (dairy) and animal flesh (lamb), as it is any time of year because it challenges non-vegans to learn about the injustice of using other animals. It is time that we stopped to consider why we use other animals when it is not necessary. We use them for reasons of taste, tradition, and convenience, completely disregarding the enormous price they pay when they are bred and slaughtered, and the price that animal use is costing the planet. In Ireland we emit 37.1% of GHG emissions in the agricultural sector, most of that coming from animal agriculture (EPA, 2021).

Those of us who are vegan know that, for the most part, abolishing animal use from our lives is very easy. With a little thought, it is just as convenient, healthy, cheap, and tasty, to pick a vegan version of everything from family meals, to snacks, to entertainment, cosmetics, cleaning products, and clothing. But before anyone thinks about switching to a vegan friendly product or practice, they must first recognise that other animals are sentient beings with feelings and rights, and come to believe that they are not ours to use. It is only when these basic facts are realised that our minds are able to disregard the myths we have grown up with (such as the myth that other animals are inferior to us, that we are entitled to own them, and that animal products are necessary for human health).

Most non vegans are just as we were prior to going vegan. It is understandable that people feel somewhat defensive when we speak about veganism and animal rights because to do so challenges their way of living. The process of vegan education is inevitably painful because the information we discover is the stuff of nightmares. But it is everyone’s right to accurate information on what happens the animals we use as our resources, and to understand the inextricable link between the exploitation of other animals and the exploitation of humans. Be the best possible advocate you can by being the person you would like to have discussed this subject with when you were not vegan.

This campaign is live in towns and cities around Ireland. Please share it with your non-vegan family, friends, and colleagues and share the resources of our website and free vegan guide with them.