1st January 2023

Go Vegan World Launches 100 Bus Ads in Northern Ireland as part of its 2023 New Year Campaign

Go Vegan World ads will appear on 100 buses in Northern Ireland over the New Year period. The ads are designed to remind the public that when they make non-vegan choices, other animals suffer and die.

How often have you heard the retort that veganism infringes on peoples’ personal choice? But let’s think about the influences on our choices. Most of us were given no choice in being born into a speciesist culture that normalised the concept of other animals as inferior to humans; that taught us to accept animal products as normal, natural, necessary, and nice. If we had been taught accurately about what is entailed in the production of milk, eggs, fish, flesh, wool, and leather, entertainment and research, most of us would have been vegan from our youngest days.

One of the most poignant facts that is hidden from us by the industry that profits from our ignorance, is the separation of mothers from their calves in the dairy industry.

These are the two simple facts that our current campaign in Northern Ireland focuses on. For more information on the injustice of using other animals and the moral imperative to be vegan, please see the section on The Animals We Use on our website and download our free Vegan Guide.