Go Vegan World launches in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Universities in the West Midlands on 24th October 2016. The largest vegan advertising campaign to date, it is estimated to be viewed over 50 million times. It is accompanied by a social media campaign targeting non-vegans which is estimated will be viewed 25 million times.

A series of eye catching ads featuring thought provoking messages will present the public with the truth of who other animals are. In contrast to their representation in mainstream media as objects who exist to serve us, the animals in this campaign show us that they are feeling individuals with the right not to be used as ingredients, commodities or tools. Many of the ads feature residents of Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary, allowing the public a glimpse of non-human lives that have been rescued from animal use and are social, playful, meaningful, and purposeful.

The ads will link these feeling beings to the products of their tormented lives and butchered bodies that we eat, wear, and use unnecessarily. It will shine a light on who they are and the price they pay for our unthinking choices, a truth that those who profit from them keep hidden from us.

As with previous campaigns, the ads will highlight the egg and dairy industries, challenge the idea that vegetarianism helps other animals, and dispel the myth of humane animal use. Individuality and sentience are carefully captured and contrasted with the barbaric practices of those who imagine that they respect life and love animals.

The campaign encourages people to go vegan and offers assistance in the form of the accompanying website and vegan guide which can be downloaded free of charge. It is designed so that its impact and recall is animal focussed and strikes at the root of exploitation.

The message is a crystal clear, uncompromising call for complete and immediate cessation of all animal use. Veganism is presented in a simple, helpful manner that encourages people to view it through the lens of ease and benefit rather than hardship and deprivation. The campaign is not muddied and the animals’ rights are not compromised by any reference to vegetarianism, reduced animal consumption, or gradual elimination of animal use. It calls for an immediate decision to go vegan, and offers encouragement to remain ethically motivated throughout the transition phase of changing to a vegan lifestyle. These tactics are demonstrated to inspire people to go vegan and remain vegan.

The campaign launches on the anniversary of its birth in Ireland in 2015. It is inspired and informed by the residents at Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary Ireland on behalf of the infinite number of individual animals who have been and continue to be used by humans. It is their campaign.

All campaign resources are targeted at non-vegans. Please highlight the campaign to your non-vegan friends, family and colleagues. Encourage them to research the issues for themselves. Help them to go vegan. Please support the campaign and share it with other vegans, and ask them to do likewise.

This campaign is dedicated to the memory of Matilda.

May it move us closer to a vegan world.

Campaign Location

The outdoor ads will appear in Wolverhampton, Birmingham city centre, the universities, on taxis, and on video throughout the city, in New St, and in the Bullring Shopping centre. Ads will run for between two and four weeks and will coincide with World Vegan Month.

The campaign team will also be present in High St, Birmingham City Centre, near the entrance of the Bullring Shopping Centre on Friday 28th October. Members of the public will have the opportunity to sample free vegan food, take home vegan literature, and experience Animal Equality iAnimal virtual reality of life for the animals we use.

Media Contact

Contact details for media and/or speaking engagements: info@goveganworld.com

Tel: +353872325832