Anne Norris of Shannonside FM raises some very interesting questions about veganism and animal rights in conversation with Sandra Higgins on the Go Vegan World campaign.

What is the difference between vegetarianism and veganism?

Are the Go Vegan World posters confrontational or simply truthful?

Who are the animals we use?

Do we need to eat other animals to meet our nutritional needs? What does the science say?

Is farming kinder than nature and is this even relevant?

Growing up to accept violence as normal

Addressing people who “don’t care enough” or “don’t know enough”: the human right to animal rights information

Farming and the violation of the female reproductive system

How can veganism embrace other social justice issues such as world hunger?

Is vegan education disheartening?

Does Ireland depend on farming other animals for its economic security?

You can listen to the interview here.