UNA - UK Climate Change 2020

The use of other animals is an issue that affects every life on earth from the micro level of individuals to the macro level of species existence. The public have a right to be made aware of the issue in an honest, unequivocal and uncompromising way. We no longer ask for less smoking; all Government warnings and health professionals call for complete cessation. To call for less animal foods when all of them contribute to climate change gives a confusing public message.

Sandra Higgins, MSc Couns Psych, MBPsS, Founder & Director, Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary Ireland, Campaign Director

Every year a few billion of the Earth’s human population unnecessarily kill 70 billion land animals and several trillions of fishes. In addition to the tragedy of harming and killing each and every individual one of them, using other animals as food is one of the most significant causes of GHG emissions.

Animal foods are unnecessary for human health. Eliminating them from our lives is not only our moral obligation to them; it would cut food related emissions by 70%.

Some of the recommended steps to address the human contribution to climate change are expensive and difficult to implement amidst the business of our day to day lives. But everyone can change how they eat. Today. At no cost.


Despite indications that members of the public are willing to give up animal foods, the motivation to do so is weak. It could be increased by making environmentally concerned individuals aware of the link between animal agriculture and climate change and promoting veganism as part of the climate change agenda.

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