Go Vegan World is not an anti-farmer campaign. It shares information about the standard, legal practices that are entailed in converting feeling beings into objects of human use. One of those objects is the milk produced by mothers to feed their young that we call dairy.

The dairy industry uses lactating new mothers to sustain itself. It takes their babies from them for one reason and one reason only: so it can profit from selling their milk to the non-vegan public.

It ensures a constant demand for its products by manipulating the public into believing that dairy is essential for human health, despite the fact that nutritional science demonstrates that it is neither necessary, nor even the best way in which we can meet our nutritional needs. (Harvard School of Public Health; Ginny Messina: Protecting Bone Health; Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

Indeed, dairy products have been removed from the health eating guidelines in some countries.

Every animal bred into the dairy industry has a death sentence on their head.

As you read this, young animals, some of them children, are dangling by one leg in slaughterhouses as their bodies are butchered: every individual, feeling one of them a victim of the dairy industry.

Farmers have a right to earn a living but no one should have to earn a living by inflicting grief and violence on defenceless, innocent beings.

Every time a non-vegan pays for a dairy product, they support unnecessary violence to animals who have never harmed anyone.

Our use of other animals in not only an act of injustice towards them: it has implications for our health and the environment we share with all the world’s lives.

Ireland has an extremely high rate of GHG emissions, mostly attributable to the animal agricultural industry, especially its dairy industry. The Irish tax payers face a E450 million fine for failing to reduce those emissions (Irish Times, Nov 27, 2017).

Go Vegan World is also concerned about the intersectional workers’ rights violations that occur as a result of our use of other animals. Pat McCormack, dairy farmer and President of the ICMSA, recently expressed concern at the increasing rates of burnout experienced by farmers attempting to meet the workload created by the public demand for dairy, especially when cows give birth to their calves. The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) described full-time dairy farms as the most “lethal” workplace in the country, with the risk factor for fatal injury 24 times higher than in the average workplace.

Pat McCormack was interviewed alongside Sandra Higgins, of Go Vegan World, on the Pat Kenny Show on TV3 (21st February 2018) which referred to the issue as a “controversial billboard campaign.”

Given the animal rights violates inherent in dairy production, and the very serious topic of misinformation emanating from the dairy industry, issues that Go Vegan World highlights through its advertising campaign, it is striking that the topic was allocated such a comparatively short time slot.

It is a public right to accurate information. It is a public responsibility to act on that information by eliminating all animal use, from our lives.

We hope that the subject will be revisited.

You can watch the programme here (interview begins at 33 minutes).

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