Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary & Matilda’s Promise, Animal Rights & Vegan Education Centre, have launched a Public Advertising Campaign on transport and street signage throughout Ireland.

As far as we are aware, this is the first campaign of its kind in Europe (with the exception of some UK campaigns of a different nature).

The ads, which focus on abolition of animal use, and on the harm caused bydairy and egg consumption, will appear:

  • on Buses throughout Ireland
  • on Bus Shelters throughout Ireland
  • in Dublin DART trains
  • on Billboards
  • in Third Level Colleges and Universities throughout Ireland

The campaign will run throughout November in celebration of World Vegan Month.

The campaign is designed to counteract speciesism at the levels of individual prejudice and the socio-cultural norm. The ads allow individual non-humans to use their voice to ask for empathic engagement, to awaken conscious awareness of the harm we cause by using them, and to ask for the justice to which they are entitled.

go vegan world egg

This is an effective way of reaching a large population of non-vegans. The ads provide a direct link, through Free Text and a QR Scan Code to a Free Vegan Kitand to an educational website www.govegan.ie, both of which offer practical information to begin living vegan, as well as comprehensive information on the issues concerning our use of other animals.

This campaign has struggled to launch in an environment of censorship, indicative of the deeply entrenched speciesism that permeates society.

We wish to thank everyone who supported the campaign by contributing money, time, expertise, advice, friendship and inspiration, especially:

Joanna Lucas for her beautiful design work and tireless dedication to the campaign, Will Anderson, Richard Oppenlander, Jerry Friedman, Patrizia Setola, Bronwyn Slater, Sebastien Molines, Brightside Sanctuary, Tasmania, Beth Redwood, Tamara Kenneally, and Pete Crosbie.

We are especially grateful the non-humans who feature in the ads, kit and website including: the beautiful goat from Popular Sanctuary, the hen photographed during an undercover investigation by Tamara Kenneally, the pig from Brightside Sanctuary, rescued calf PJ, formerly a resident at Willowite Sanctuary, now living at Kinder Pastures Sanctuary, and Florence and other residents at Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary.

May they open hearts and minds to a vegan world.