Please Complete Our Survey to Help Use the Law to Promote Veganism and Animal Rights 

We’re asking vegans living in the UK and Ireland to complete our survey, so that we can find out more about government failures to respect veganism and so animal rights, in order that we can use the law to challenge these situations.

Please complete the survey, which could take as little as a couple of minutes.

If you have experience with government bodies in the past 5 years (schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, government employers) or with a private employer, it will take a bit longer but the information you provide will be very helpful to us as we work to challenge barriers to veganism, discrimination against vegans and speciesism in our education system.

This is your opportunity to let us know: if you’ve faced discrimination or harassment at work, if your child’s school is teaching your child that it’s acceptable to use and kill other animals, if you’ve not been given vegan food in hospital or have been pressured to eat animal products by medical professionals, and about any other experience where government entities or employers have made living vegan more difficult or failed to provide for vegans when they provide for others.

Using the law to challenge lack of provision for vegans, discrimination and speciesism in education can secure real positive change that improves things for vegans and thereby supports our ability to live in recognition of the rights of other animals. For example, see our recent work on securing vegan food in schools:

For more information on your rights and how to use them to improve provision and ensure that vegans can live in a way that respects the rights of other animals, see:

We’re at the early stages of using the law in this way, and there is a huge amount of potential in terms of what can be achieved. Thank you in advance for providing us with as much relevant information as you can.

Please share our survey with other UK and Ireland based vegans.

Thank you.