16th February 2022

Sandra Higgins discusses other animals with Louisa Moss and friends on Dundalk FM Radio

In 2008 Sandra Higgins was given two orphaned lambs. Although she didn’t know it at that time, Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary was born with their arrival. In this interview with Louisa Moss and friends at Dundalk FM radio, she discusses the founding and growth of Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary and how the Go Vegan World campaign developed from what the animals at the sanctuary taught her.

In this interview Sandra also discusses the effects of selective breeding on other animals and describes the innovative techniques used at Eden to relieve the hens they rescue from the ordeal of daily egg laying. Sandra also explains why improvements in animal welfare legislation are contrary to, and not helpful to, the animals we use as our resources, calling instead for an acknowledgement of animal sentience and respect for their rights.