The claims made by Jayne Buxton in her recent book ‘The Great Plant Based Con’ do not hold up to scientific scrutiny. Buxton is an ambassador for the Real Food Campaign, UK, which promotes animal agriculture. Little wonder then that she disparages the efforts of vegans to promote animal rights, educate the public on the necessity of living vegan, and promote the many benefits of a plant diet.

In this interview on the Late Lunch, Sandra Higgins chats to Gerry Kelly about some of the claims made by Buxton and helps to refute them and provide listeners with evidence based information on the role that a plant based diet must play in our future. Higgins points out that while a plant based diet is necessary, nutritionally adequate and easy to adopt, it is not sufficient. We must challenge our speciesist view that this earth and all its resources belong to one species, and learn to live companionably with all the other forms of life who share our right to be here.