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Bees spend a vast amount of their time collecting pollen to make honey. They do not make it for humans. They make it to have as a food source for themselves over the cold winter months. It is not ‘our’ honey. They do not give it to us. We take it from them, and replace it with a poor sugar substitute so that we can keep them alive and take the fruits of their labour the following year.

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Honey is an example of how impoverished our use of non-humans is, reducing us to thieves and exploiters. It is hardly as though honey is a necessary condition for human wellbeing. Even if it were taking the property of others is not justifiable. In addition, bees are sentient. The process of keeping them for their honey harms them.

There are many vegan alternatives to honey such as maple syrup, agave syrup, fructose and coconut sugar. Remember that bees’ products are also used in candles and cosmetics. Read the label and choose vegan alternatives.