21st January 2021

Jersey Evening Post interviews Go Vegan World

At the end of January 2021, when many people are thinking about or beginning to live vegan for the first time, The Jersey Evening Post did an interview with our founder and campaign director, Sandra Higgins.

In an consumerist environment that portrays veganism as a diet or a trendy fad, this interview has a refreshing focus on the roots of this non-violent philosophy and its benefits to animals and humans alike. We learn that veganism is a way of living that shuns the unjust use of other animals because they are feeling beings who value their lives. It gives us a glimpse into the standard, legal violence that is routinely perpetrated on them from the conception to the slaughter of every individual one of the billions of them we kill every year. It clarifies the ways in which animal agriculture is unnecessary, inefficient and harmful, and gives some insight into how farming could be transformed to a plant based system that would help animals, the environment, the economy itself, and human health.

This interview gave us the opportunity to discuss speciesism, which is the root of the problem that other animals face at our human hands, and yet is rarely discussed outside of the animal rights movement. It also gave us the opportunity to clarify for members of the public the completely misleading concept of animal welfare which is an industry term that guides the exploitation, violation, mutilation, and methods of killing animals who share our capacity to suffer.