Go Vegan World launches advertising campaign in Universities and Colleges in the UK

Go Vegan World has launched an advertising campaign in Universities and Colleges in the UK. In total, 225 ads will appear in strategic locations designed to educate students about the dairy industry.

We have chosen this ad because the standard legal practices inherent in dairy production are not well known by the general public. This is because the industry has hidden them, instead presenting dairy products as ‘natural, nice, necessary and normal’. Those practices include control of the reproductive systems of cows, sheep and goats, artificial insemination, separation of newly born animals from their mothers, repeated cycles of pregnancy and lactation throughout the animals’ lives including being milked for most of their pregnancy. The psychological and physical toll on the animals used in this industry is enormous. They are slaughtered at a fraction of their natural lifespans.

A very small number of dairies leave calves with their mothers (so called Ahimsa dairies) in an attempt to sell the surplus milk as ‘humane’. Surplus milk is present because cows are selectively bred to produce vastly more milk than their calves need to feed the human demand for dairy. There is no humane way for us to use the body and life of another sentient being for our purposes.

Our rationale in using this ad is that when people learn about the atrocities in one aspect of animal use, they are more likely to research all forms of animal use and go vegan.

Previous success has been achieved in working with this sector, by Plant-Based Universities which calls on universities to operate in alignment with the science linking animal agriculture to environmental destruction, loss of biodiversity and climate change. Plant-Based Universities call on universities to transition to 100% plant-based catering to tackle the climate and nature crises.

Go Vegan World’s campaign calls on University and College students and staff to live in alignment with the science and common sense of animal sentience and with the moral values they already claim to uphold: that it is wrong to unnecessarily harm other animals. Our campaign provides information that challenges individuals to recognise that other animals have feelings and minds and facilitates them in recognising that they are unjustifiably harmed by our use of them.

Our campaign is backed up by a link to our Vegan Guide to support students to make the change.

Location List

The campaign can be viewed at the following locations:

Aberdeen, Robert Gordon University & University of Aberdeen

Bath, University of Bath & Bath Spa University

Bedford, University of Bedfordshire (Bedford Campus)

Bournemouth, Bournemouth University & Arts University Bournemouth

Brighton, University of Brighton

Bangor, Bangor University

Bradford, University of Bradford & Bradford College

Birmingham, Aston University & Birmingham City University

Birmingham, University of Birmingham

South Gloucestershire & Stroud College

Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin University

Cardiff, Cardiff University & Uni of South Wales

Chester. University of Chester

Chelmsford, Anglia Ruskin University

Colchester, University of Essex

Coventry, Coventry University & University of Warwick

Coventry (Leamington Spa)

Coventry University & University of Warwick

Canterbury, University of Kent & Canterbury Christ Church University

Derby, University of Derby

Durham, Durham University

Egham, Royal Holloway University


University of Edinburgh, Margaret University & Edinburgh Napier

Exeter, University of Exeter

West College Scotland

Glasgow, University of Glasgow & Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow School

Strathclyde & Glasgow University of Arts

University of Glasgow & Glasgow Caledonian University

Guildford, University of Surrey, ACM, ITalia Conti

Huddersfield, University of Huddersfield

London, Royal College of Music & Imperial College

London, Goldsmiths & UAL

London, North Eastern (USA) & Kings College London & UCL

London, UCL & Queen Mary’s & London Met

London, UCL, London Business School & London Music School

London, UCL, London Business School, London Music School, London Ballet Scho

London, LSB & King’s College London

London, UCL, University of Law, Arts University

London, Goldsmiths University

London, Greenwich University & Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

London, University of Greenwich, Queen Mary University & Ravensbourne University

Leicester, University of Leicester & De Montfort University

Liverpool, University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Hope

Loughborough, Loughborough University

Leeds, University of Leeds & University of York

Leeds, University of Leeds & Leeds Beckett, Leeds Trinity, LBA, University of Arts

London (Luton), University of Bedfordshire (Luton Campus)

London (Luton), University of Bedfordshire

Manchester, University of Manchester & Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester, University of Salford

Middlesbrough, Teeside University, Durham University, Middlesborough College


University of Bristol & University of South Wales

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Newcastle University & Northumbria University

Norwich, University of East Anglia & Norwich University of the Arts


Oxford, University of Oxford

Oxford, University of Oxford & Oxford Brookes

Plymouth, University of Plymouth

Portsmouth, University of Portsmouth

Preston, University of Central Lancashire

Reading, University of Reading

Sheffield, University of Sheffield & Sheffield Hallam University

Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire University

St Andrews

University of St Andrews

Southampton, University of Southampton & Solent University

Sunderland, University of Sunderland

York, University of York