The Dairy Industry calls Go Vegan World a Wake Up call and is renewing attempts to hide the truth.

The NFU is concerned about Go Vegan World’s exposure of the exploitation that dairy products are predicated on. The NFU imagines that a concerted effort to promote the myth that dairy is nutritious or humane can assuage the conscience of an intelligent public who recognise injustice when they see it. Go Vegan World is making sure they see it by taking it from the the hidden, dark atrocity of farm to slaughterhouse, and putting it in front of public view.

The NFU does not attempt to answer the question of justice and the unfair use of other animals.

It cannot deny that babies are removed from their mothers so that the farmers can sell the milk. This fact is stated quite openly in the industry:

In modern farming systems the calf is taken from its mother within a couple of days as she is needed to produce milk for sale. The farmer feeds the calf milk from a bucket for the next 6-8 weeks until it is weaned.”

Neither is it able to deny the invasive method of artificial insemination or the harrowing standard practice of insemination, followed by pregnancy and birth, only to be re-inseminated two to three months later. Cows are milked during most of their pregnancy:

Ideally the cow should calve once a year. Due to the gestation period of nine months, the cow needs to be mated three months after she had her last calf. The cow continues to produce milk throughout most of her pregnancy until about three months before she is due to calve…”

Underlying the exploitation of the dairy industry is the notion that other animals exist to meet human needs. This website states “The main function of a dairy cow is to produce milk.

Source: UK Cows

Other animals are conscious and aware. They are different to humans, but not less than us.

It is the right of the public to know the truth. It is the right of the public to know that dairy is not quite the “nutritious” product it is claimed to be. Consumers of dairy are more likely to sustain bone fractures, breast cancer and prostate cancers, than people who do not consume dairy.  With the advent of the internet science is available for the public to research for themselves. Here are some helpful truths about dairy:

Dr Michael Klaper on Dairy

  • Taking a child from her mother can never be considered humane.
  • Pregnancy by forceful artificial insemination can never be considered humane.
  • Death by slaughter can never be considered humane.
  • The use of other animals by humans can never be considered just regardless of how well we attempt to care about their welfare.

If we would not exploit the reproductive systems of our own mothers, wives, sisters, daughters or the female friends and colleagues we respect, then why do it to other animals who share our capacity for conscious, experiential awareness of the world and what happens to them?

The only fair way for humans to live on this earth with other lives is to be vegan. It is easy. It is cheap. It is healthy. It is the right thing to do.

Do it today.

Read the NFU article here.