Northern Ireland farmers have accused Go Vegan World of being an “anti farming campaign“. They go on to accuse the campaign of being dishonest and misleading.

All professions should be transparent, open and honest about the products and services they are selling. Go Vegan World shines a light on the standard, legal practices upon which all animal use are predicated, and it does so by showing us the victims of our use. It is quite inaccurate to accuse the campaign of being dishonest and misleading. The campaign is evidence based and it says nothing that can be denied by those who use other animals for profit. What is unique about the campaign is that it questions what is socially normal and acceptable and gives the public the information they have a right to know in order to make an informed choice. The campaign has never denigrated farmers or farming families. It has always focused on the victims of animal use and the multiple unjust ways in which we use them.

Please support this campaign. If you are not vegan please investigate the evidence upon which the campaign is based. If you are already vegan then please back us and share our work. The campaign is proving to be a success but its reach can be much wider and more successful if you join us and share it too.