Go Vegan World Billboard Campaign launches in Scotland

Award winning advertising campaign, Go Vegan World, launches in Glasgow on 28th November 2016. The longest running and largest animal rights campaign in the world, its colourful and thought-provoking adverts will target shoppers, visitors and traffic in Glasgow in the run up to Christmas. Video and still ads are on Buses and on the Screen at St Enoch situated on the crossroads between the city’s busiest shopping streets Buchanan Street and Argyle Street.
The Go Vegan World Billboard campaign in Scotland is part of the international campaign that is currently touring the UK run by Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary, Ireland.
Its mission in Scotland is to encourage people to question the notion that humans are better than other animals, and to think about the ethics of using them as food, clothing, entertainment, and research.

“There is substantial research that demonstrates that other animals share the human capacity to be consciously aware and to suffer. Breeding them for our use and taking their lives is extremely harmful to them, even when the best of welfare standards are adhered to. It is impossible to regulate something that is inherently unjust” says Campaign Manager, Sandra Higgins.

The campaign directs viewers to research the issues for themselves by downloading the campaign’s Free Vegan Guide at www.goveganworld.com. 

 “Most people are pleasantly surprised to find that it is easy and enjoyable to be vegan, especially when motivated by our deepest values of justice and fairness” says Higgins. 

Sandra Higgins will speak on Uncompromising Veganism & Go Vegan World at the forthcoming VegFest Scotland at the SECC on 3rd and 4th of December at 2pm and 3pm respectively.