“Every farmer has orphaned lambs that they bottle feed. I have experienced this bond with bottle fed lambs many times. They imprint on me; look on me as their mother. They trust me. They depend on me for their survival; for their very lives. When something goes wrong, they call for me, seeking the comfort of secure attachment, as we all did with our early caregivers, our mothers. They attach in this same way to the farmers who bottle feed them, and then send them to their deaths.”
Sandra Higgins, MSc Couns Psych, MBPsS, Founder & Director, Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary Ireland, Campaign Director

Go Vegan World Campaign in the North East of England

The campaign now has a strong presence in the North East of England. It is on bus shelters and street signs in Newcastle city centre. It also appears on 320 ads in Tyne and Wear Metro; 28 ads on buses; and 65 billboards and street signs, strategically placed outside shops and restaurants where people are purchasing the body parts and products of animals like the ones featured in the campaign.

The campaign also featured in The Sunderland Echo.

Sandra Higgins, Campaign Manager, gave a lecture on Friday 8th July in Farplace Vegan Café on Other Animals: Our Teachers. Several members of the audience went vegan following her discussion of betrayal trauma of other animals and how bearing witness to this inspired the They Trust Us series. Sandra also introduced us to the intimate details of animal exploitation as it impacts on the individual animal who are residents of Eden who have been rescued from animal agriculture.


Go Vegan World had a stall at Newcastle Vegan Festival featuring the campaign posters and literature. Several people were moved to tears and left the stall with the intention to go vegan.
Sandra also gave a talk at the Festival on doing vegan education in a narcissistic culture, with tips on how to go vegan, and how to maximise our effectiveness as animal rights activists.