Go Vegan World has dominated the ads at Clapham Common Tube Station in London as part of our New Year campaign.

The animals in these ads are not anonymous. They are the survivors of the dark, hidden, dangerous world of animal agriculture. They live at Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary, Ireland where they show us who they are: sentient, conscious, purposeful individuals who have personalities, histories, preferences and feelings. The only thing separating them from the billions we use every year as food, clothing, entertainment, and research objects, is that they have survived exploitation and the brutality of death in a slaughterhouse.

Through these ads they tell us who they are and what they want from the human world. Veganism is not a diet. It is not a trendy lifestyle. It is a way of living true to the moral conviction that it is unacceptable to inflict unnecessary harm on other lives. Animal use is unnecessary. All animal use is harmful. The only way we can live without deliberately harming them is to be vegan.

We wouldn’t unnecessarily harm an inanimate object. But the industries that profit from our ignorance make it very easy for us to pay for the deaths of animate, feeling beings whose body parts we see as flesh, cheese, eggs, leather, wool, and the products of animal research.

The success of Go Vegan World is attributable to the fact that it is rooted in the lives of these real beings who represent the billions who are bred, used, tormented and slaughtered, unnecessarily, for our use every year.

But it also depends on the support of existing vegans and animal rights activists. Please help your non-vegan friends, family and colleagues to connect with the animals in these ads so that they can begin to live according to the value most of us claim to hold dear: that violence is wrong and can never be justified by taste, convenience, tradition or habit. For more information on why and how to be vegan please download the free Vegan Guide from this website.