‘The people who stay vegan, do so because they are motivated by something much stronger than the taste of vegan food or the choice of vegan-friendly makeup: they do so because they are motivated by the injustice of using and killing other sentient beings for products we do not need.’

Go Vegan went global in 2016 following a successful Ireland-wide campaign in 2015 led by Founder and Director of Eden Farm Sanctuary Ireland, Sandra Higgins.

Sandra told Metro.co.uk,

‘Most people agree that it is unacceptable to cause unnecessary suffering to any animal. It is my hope that this campaign will bring public awareness to the truth of how they live and how they die’.

‘Mothers lose their babies in the dairy industry so that we can drink their milk.’

‘New born calves, too wobbly to walk, still wet from birth are taken from their mothers to be reared in isolation if they are female, and to be shot or used for their flesh two or three months later if they are male.’

‘Every day millions of animals are transported to slaughterhouses, their only precious life was taken from them so that we can eat their flesh, wear their skin, and use their fat from the slaughterhouse floor in our perfumed cosmetics.’

If you think it’s difficult to read, just stop for a second and think how difficult it must be for animals to go through that.