“Surely this is just a case of live and let live”?

“Every year 7 billion humans kill 70 billion land animals, unnecessarily. So, precisely: “Live and Let Live”. They were wild animals. They were free and they survived for millions…billions…of years before we evolved. We trapped them and imprisoned them and we control every facet of their lives from the time they are born to how they live and how they die. That is unjust and unnecessary. We use them for trivial reasons such as taste, convenience and tradition. There are many things that we do to each other that are enshrined in culture and we know they are wrong and we are gradually outing every one of them. We are outing every form of violence and discrimination and we are better for it.”

Sandra Higgins discusses veganism as a moral imperative with Nick Coffer who attempts to defend his personal taste over the lives of others.

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