On Veganism & Celebrities:

“Veganism is a very simple, ordinary thing. It affects every man, woman and child on the street. You don’t need to be famous; you don’t need a lot of money. It is the very least we owe others. Vegans no longer look at other animals as being ingredients. We see them as feeling beings the same as we are. Some people think of them as persons. So when you seen another animal like that you no longer think of them as food or clothing or entertainment or research or any of the things that we use other animals for. So veganism is a way of respecting others and avoiding unnecessary harm. It is much bigger than diet, although diet is an important part of it. Unfortunately a lot of celebrities are promoting a plant diet but that is not veganism.”

Steve Evans recently interviewed Sandra Higgins on BRFM radio.

In this interview Sandra discusses the rational of the vegan billboard campaign, why she started running it, the concept of animal sentience and the abolition of animal use. She also discusses the effectiveness of different forms of vegan outdoor advertising and how Go Vegan World’s strength is the role the animals themselves have taken in inspiring, informing and featuring in the campaign ads. If you have concerns about the nutritional aspects of veganism listen to Sandra’s answers on this topic. The interview also discusses the intersectionality of animal and human rights, and counters the notion that veganism is about diet or an exclusive lifestyle.

You can listen to the interview here.