“Every day I look at each and every one of them and I am overwhelmed with the thought that they came so close to death. I struggle to process the fact that the turkeys running and flapping their wings, came so close to being brutally butchered for someone’s Christmas dinner. I can’t bear to think of how less rich this world would be without pig George. When I think about the years of life that Claudia has had at Eden, how she loves her life, how she enriches our lives, I can’t get my head around the fact that we justify taking someone’s precious, only life for something as trite as eggs. I think that it is only when the world gets a glimpse of how much life means to the individual who lives that life, that veganism will gain the clarity it needs for people to stay vegan. This is why vegan education that talks exclusively or predominantly about nutrition and recipes will never cut it for the animals. People need information that links the mundane items in their lives such as eggs, dairy, leather, wool, cosmetics, or a trip to the zoo, with the unique individuals who are harmed when we are not vegan and how profound that harm and the loss of their lives is to them. It is only when vegan education addresses these aspects of animal use, factually, with sincerity and respect, that we have any chance of making the world vegan.” Sandra Higgins, Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary Ireland & Go Vegan World

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