New Go Vegan World Campaign Opens throughout the UK dispelling the myth that animal foods are necessary for human health

One very basic reason why we kill billions of land animals and trillions of sea animals every year is because we believe that we need to eat them to be healthy. This myth is deliberately fed to us from the time we are young children by industries with a vested interest in profiting from our consumption of animal products. That is why most of us grew up thinking that eating flesh is essential for protein and diary for calcium. That is also why we grew up thinking that cows just produce milk and that hens naturally lay eggs. A large part of the work of Go Vegan World is to dispel these myths: once people have access to accurate information and understand that we can get all the nutrients we need to be healthy from plants, then they can begin to view other animals as sentient beings and eliminate all other use of them too.

Go Vegan World is running almost 700 ads in throughout the UK helping to dispel the myth that animal foods are necessary. Our ads are supported by the scientific literature which is referenced on every ad. If you see one please take a photo and send it to us. Please discuss the ads with your non vegan family, friends and colleagues and refer them to our website and vegan guide so that they can research the issues for themselves.