Go Vegan World is a unique public advertising campaign. Originating in Ireland, it has now become an international campaign which is the biggest and longest running of its kind on the planet. Its billboards feature animals who are not fictional or anonymous: they are the real, feeling beings with names, histories, and personalities, who have lived and died at Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary, Ireland. For the first time in history the animals have taken to the streets. In this presentation Sandra Higgins discusses how they have inspired and informed this campaign and how they have been received by the media and mainstream public.

The presentation outlines the goal, history, message and strategy of Go Vegan World. It outsides the campaign methods including its design and presentation to the public. Results up to March 2017 are included and some of the campaign hurdles and future plans are discussed. The presentation demonstrates how this campaign is run for, and by, the animals on whose behalf it advocates due to the influence of the residents of Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary Ireland.

You can view the video here.