Go Vegan World Billboard Campaign Birmingham UK

Go Vegan World – Vegan Billboard Campaign Birmingham UK

‘Go Vegan World’ stands up for other animals on the M6 Motorway at Walsall (between Birmingham & Wolverhampton) with a large vegan billboard campaign.

This vegan billboard, on the M6 at Walsall, between Birmingham & Wolverhampton, in the UK, has been a very effective means of advocating animal rights through veganism. It is very eye catching both at night and during the day and it is a very busy road with frequent traffic delays allowing for dwell time as well as repetition. The Go Vegan World campaign ran for 14 days on this billboard featuring a different ad every day covering all forms of animal use.

If you didn’t get a chance to see them, here are some photographs of the Go Vegan World Billboard Campaign in the West Midlands in England, United Kingdom.