Go Vegan World launch first Vegan TV Advertising Campaign

Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary’s Go Vegan World billboard campaign has released the first ever vegan television commercial.  The advert focuses on one of the ways in which we violate other animals when we use them: the separation of mothers from their babies in the dairy industry.

This separation of mothers from their babies is an issue very close to the heart and mind of Go Vegan World’s founder, Sandra Higgins. As a psychologist she specialises in the socio-emotional attachment bond between mothers and their children that is the foundation of psychological health in all animals. She herself went vegan when she witnessed this separation of mothers and their offspring at a goat dairy in 2009 shortly after she opened Eden.

“It is so profoundly tragic an act to perpetrate on anyone that it is reason enough for every one of us to go vegan. It is hoped that simply exposing this fact, upon which all dairy products are predicated, will be sufficient for viewers to explore animal rights violations, and to realise that our use of other animals is unjust and unnecessary, and go vegan.”

The vegan ad, Dairy Takes Babies from Their Mothers, which is produced with Made TV, will run for the next three weeks with Made in Birmingham on Freeview 7, Virgin Media 159 and Sky 117.

Go Vegan. Ditch Dairy. https://youtu.be/O7ikv3kXD7Y