Go Vegan World Launches in the UK

On 27th June the first Go Vegan World ads appeared on Buses in Newcastle upon Tyne. The full campaign launched on 4th July.

Ads are on billboards, in Metro trains, on rail platforms, and on bus shelters and street signs throughout the North East.

This campaign features some new additions to the series of ads that launched in Ireland two weeks ago. The emphasis is again on the sentience of individual animals who are given the opportunity to look at members of the public on the street, confronting us with who they are and what they need from us (to go vegan). There is a focus on our use of other animals as food, particularly for eggs and dairy, and the campaign aims to dispel the myth that animal use can be humane. Many of the ads addressing the use of animals for food are located at venues that profit from the sale of body parts and products of animals just like those who feature in the campaign. This gives the public the opportunity to connect with the unique, sentient individuals who ask for us to stop harming and killing them for the very products that we enter and leave the shops with, paying for the unnecessary pain and death of defenceless, innocent beings. The campaign also has a broad focus and addresses the use of other animals for research, entertainment, and clothing.

As always, the campaign mission is not to encourage people to consume fewer animals, or to go on a personal journey towards veganism. It calls for respect of others through recognition of the need they share with us to avoid harm, to stay alive, and to have some modicum of peace and happiness in their lives. We only begin to accord them this respect when we live as vegans.
As in the Irish launch, many of the animals featured in this campaign are residents of Eden or other sanctuaries and have been rescued right from the heart of appalling animal use. Our mission is to facilitate them, in their public presence, to tell the truth as they are capable of doing, and to call for complete and immediate cessation of human use, domination and ownership of them.

This campaign is one of many forms of activism that are taking place worldwide with the common aim of ending human use of other animals. May their combined effort reach the hearts and minds of the public and bring us closer to ending the torment of our animal kin.

Mockup images used until campaign photos become available