Go Vegan World in Marketing Week with OOH Advertising

Go Vegan World ran its first vegan billboard campaign in Ireland in November 2015. Since then, the vegan campaign has gone from strength to strength with more ads in Northern Ireland, North East of England and throughout the UK.

The latest campaign in the West Midlands is the biggest to date and has caught the eye of Marketing Week. It is a mark of the campaign effectiveness that Go Vegan World, fighting for animal rights through veganism, is discussed alongside Sony, Facebook and the Financial Times.

Marketing Week

Charlotte Rogers, writing for Marketing Week, accurately captures the essence of Go Vegan World’s representation of other animals in a manner completely at odds with their traditional representation:

“Disruption was also the aim last month of Go Vegan World’s outdoor campaign in Birmingham, which flipped the traditional presentation of animals on its head through a high-impact OOH campaign spanning taxi adverts, digital billboards and video screens.”

A speciesist culture views animals traditionally as objects that exist to fulfill human tastes and obliterates their individuality, their capacity to feel and their desire to continue living. The Vegan billboard campaign in Birmingham was designed to disrupt and disturb the conscience of the viewer. It looks as if it is succeeding.

“People are inundated with images of animals as products, so we wanted to show the person- hood of the animal in contrast to how they are normally advertised,” says campaign organiser Sandra Higgins. “The video, for example, shows people more about veganism in 10 seconds than they could read in a newspaper article.”

Read more and see the articleHow OOH advertising is moving beyond awareness” in Marketing Week November 16.