1st January 2023

Go Vegan World Returns to the UK with its 2023 New Year Campaign

The focus of Go Vegan World has always been to educate the public about the moral imperative to be vegan. We live in a speciesist society that regards humans as superior to other animals. We learn, at a very young age, to view other animals as commodities or resources, rather than the sentient (feeling) beings they are. We eat their eggs, milk, and flesh, wear their skin and wool, entertain ourselves at their expense, and use the practices and products predicated on their captivity and torture in research. Conversations on the morality of breeding them in their billions every year, for the purpose of killing them, are in the minority.

London Underground

One of the greatest cons of all time has been the myth sold to us by the animal agriculture industry, that animal products are an essential component of a healthy human diet. Animal products are not necessary for human health. In fact, the healthiest diet is a whole foods plant diet, which is well planned to include essential nutrients. All the major world dietetics associations and many medical organisations acknowledge that a vegan diet is sufficient for human health and there are some claims in the research that vegan diets have significant health benefits over diets containing animal products.

Veganism is not a diet. But what we eat forms an important part of the way of living that respects the rights of other animals not to be owned, exploited, used or killed by us.

We hope that our Go Vegan World ads will prompt more people to have these conversations and research veganism and animal rights for themselves. Watch out for our ads at twenty five London Underground Stations and on one hundred buses in the Bristol area. For more information please visit the remaining sections of our website and download our free Vegan Guide.

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