Livecam Video Footage Go Vegan World
Billboard Campaign Birmingham UK

Go Vegan World recently had a very successful day of activism at the launch of our campaign in Birmingham. Our volunteers spoke to the public about the practicalities and rational for going vegan for other animals. They also handed out our Vegan Guide and free samples of vegan food. There was also the opportunity for people to use iAnimal virtual reality equipment to witness the lives of the animals we use as food. The Go Vegan World billboard campaign could also be viewed at various points in the city.

The Birmingham public were extremely receptive to the message that veganism is quite easy and that it is the least we owe other animals. The words that rang in our ears all day were “I never knew”, especially with respect to the use of other animals for their eggs and milk. As vegans we wish we had known sooner about the harm we were causing and as activists our work is to tell others; it is their right to know.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and help on the day. May it move us closer to a vegan world.