NFU have been somewhat disingenuous by citing their “open letter to the Sunday Telegraph” on their website, as no such letter has appeared in the print edition of the paper.

By just sending it to the Sunday Tel, and then highlighting that fact on their website, NFU have clearly tried to give the impression that the paper has actually published it.  This is a shameless attempt to gain further coverage of their response elsewhere online and exemplifies the lack of honesty that the dairy industry, and all animal agriculture, is predicated on.

What is the dairy industry hiding from the public?

If the dairy industry has nothing to hide, why object to the facts stated by Go Vegan World, every one of which is substantiated and can be independently researched and verified by any member of the public through the Go Vegan World website and other sources.

If farmers do not take babies from their mothers in the dairy industry, can they please tell the public what they do with them?

If farmers do not control and commodify the reproductive systems of the cows, sheep and goats used for their milk, can they please tell the public how they use the animals?

If the farmers do not send the animals used in the dairy industry for slaughter, can they please tell the public what they do with them?

Go Vegan World calls for complete cessation of all animal use for food, entertainment, clothing, research, labour or any other use. Animal use is not necessary for human survival and wellbeing. Other animals are at least as sentient as humans. They are aware of themselves and of the world they live in. They experience a wide and complex range of physical sensations and psychological states. In all the ways that matter they are our equals. They do not belong to us. The only way to respect the reality of their lives and how we related to them is to stop living according to myth and be vegan.


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Dairy & Health

Please read the scientific literature on the harm that dairy causes to human health.

Dr Michael Greger

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: Health Concerns about Dairy Products

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