Video Coverage of Go Vegan World Campaign in Birmingham UK

Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK. This day of activism took place in the Plaza/New Street/Bullring areas, the busiest retail part of Birmingham. This area gets an average of 1.7 millions visitors per week. This pedestrian area is throbbing with street artists, shops, outdoor seating areas, restaurants and cafes. This offers not only a large audience, but also the opportunity for dwell time in order to absorb the ads.

The Bullring

One of the great strengths of this campaign is to bring Animal rights to The Bullring. The Bullring in Birmingham was a site where animals were traditionally sold and slaughtered. Little has changed since the 18th century. Now the animals have been made invisible, save Laurence Broderick’s 6 tonne bronze Bull sculpture. But their bodies are present nonetheless in the food, clothing, cosmetics and other luxury goods sold by retailers in the area.

Go Vegan World

Go Vegan World makes the victims of our lifestyle visible again, It confronts the consumer with who we harm and kill so unnecessarily for our Western World lifestyles, and asks them to Go Vegan.

Thanks to Thom Milner (Deadpan Vegan – YouTube) for capturing Go Vegan World’s Day of Activism and the Birmingham City Centre Vegan Billboard campaign.

Please note Go Vegan World does not support vegetarianism. On the contrary, much of its work exposes the victims that vegetarianism leaves in its wake, particularly those used for eggs, dairy, their skin, in research, entertainment and other uses.

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