25th March 2023

Dairy Takes Babies From Their Mothers: London and Liverpool Campaign

Dairy Takes Babies from Their Mothers is probably our most successful ad. We have lost count of the number of people who have contacted us over the years to say that the information they saw on this ad was entirely new to them and triggered them to research the issue for themselves and subsequently go vegan.

Most people are not aware that for humans to have dairy products, cows are impregnated so that birth will trigger lactation. Most impregnation is via artificial insemination, with semen forcibly taken from bulls in what can only be considered as a very serious violation of the rights of both. After a nine month pregnancy, seven of which include being milked, the cows give birth and their calves are taken from them. Most males are killed at, or soon after, birth. Some are used as veal and others endure the torture of live export before being slaughtered. Females follow their mothers into the dairy industry where the cycle of exploitation begins again.

The facts of dairy production are carefully hidden from the public so that demand for dairy products, which profits the industry, continues unhampered. It is the right of everyone to know how their consumer and lifestyle choices affect others. No one can make a moral or rational choice without access to accurate information. This ad serves the simple purpose of telling members of the public about one of the most poignant and hidden facts of dairy production.

Watch out for our ads on the London Underground at two of the busiest stations, London Bridge and Waterloo. We are also running ads on buses in Liverpool.

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