Tearing down the Truth. Go Vegan World Open Letter to the People of Northern Ireland

Go Vegan World is the organisation that has erected the Dairy Takes Babies ad and other posters, as part of our international educational campaign.

It has come to our attention that people have threatened to paint bomb or remove some of our ads; indeed, as the photo shows, someone has already attempted to do so.

Go Vegan World is not against farmers or farming or food producers. We are against animal use.

Every day we see ads promoting the use of other animals, without reference to the injustice that they experience at our hands on farms and in slaughterhouses. Every day we see ads promoting other animals as food. They are not food. In 2012 the Declaration on Consciousness brought to the attention of the public the equality between humans and other animals in terms of how we feel and how we consciously experience the world.

Instead of promoting the destruction of the posters, we encourage people take the time to understand them and the campaign behind it. It concerns human rights as well as animal rights.

Dairy is a highly exploitative industry that is predicated on the exploitation of the female reproductive system of animals who share our consciousness and ability to suffer and to value their own lives. We breed these innocent, defenceless animals, who we know to be our equals in terms of how they feel and how they value their lives, into this world with a death sentence on their young heads.

Dairy is predicated on the separation of calves from their mothers so that humans can take the milk produced to feed their calves. They are separated regardless of the stress that is caused to them…stress that would ensue in any mammal upon destruction of this bond which is crucial for the secure development of offspring.

This is but one violation of animals used by humans for food, entertainment, clothing, research and other uses. It is by no means the only violation. https://goveganworld.com/why-vegan/the-animals-we-use/

Dairy and other animal use is not necessary for human wellbeing. All the major world dietetics associations concur that a 100% plant diet can not only meet our nutritional needs from infancy to old age, but that it can prevent many of the Western World sources of illness and premature death. https://goveganworld.com/living-vegan/nutrition/

The truth is far from that promoted by the industry. Dairy confers no protection against bone fracture. In fact, those who consume the most dairy products are at highest risk of bone fracture and osteoporosis. Dairy consumption is also associated with a higher risk of breast, ovarian and prostate cancer, as well as being a contributory risk factor for heart disease.

Human infants do not need infant formula made from the milk of other mammals. If, for any reason, a mother is unable to breast feed, there are soy formulas on the market. WHO guidelines suggest that breast feeding is healthiest for human infants. http://www.who.int/…/childhood-development-breastfeeding/en/ That is why it is illegal to advertise infant formula in Ireland and the UK. http://www.babymilkaction.org/ukrules-pt2a

Animal agriculture is one of the highest contributors to environmental destruction and climate change and it is the easiest of all human made causes of environmental harm to redress.

Far from feeling threatened, farmers and food producers need to think about the wisdom of veganism. Every one of you can participate in, and thrive in, a plant based economy. Every one of you who is critical of this campaign has lost, or will lose, a loved one to a preventable disease, attributable to the consumption of animal foods. https://nutritionfacts.org/book/

Many of you have children. Your children have a right to consume food that is not harmful to their health. They have a right to consume food that is not predicated on violence. Others have a right to a planet that can sustain them. Our current methods of food production will result in a difficult future for them. https://goveganworld.com/why-vegan/our-shared-environment/

We need to move with the times. Farmers and food producers need government help to transition to a plant based way of earning a living. This is not a pipe dream. It is absolutely attainable and it is the only way to ensure a just future for everyone. https://goveganworld.com/living-vegan/farming/

Have you not stopped to wonder why the dairy industry itself is moving to expand the production of plant dairy products? https://www.retaildetail.eu/…/…/danone-has-major-plans-alpro Are you going to be left behind when this industry crumbles around your ears? Because it is fast doing so. Make the change today. Instead of criticising us, please take the time to inform yourself of the facts to see why we felt the need to run a campaign like Go Vegan World. We have nothing to sell. We are not asking for your money or for anything from you other than that you respect other animals. We are not profiting from you. We are informing you of facts because it is your right to know and your responsibility to act. If you require further information or assistance please email us at info@goveganworld.com.

Sandra Higgins
Campaign Director
Go Vegan World