Sample Letters Asserting Vegan Rights for UK and Ireland

The situations vegans deal with are many and varied, with specific facts arising in each case. The following are examples of letters or emails addressing some of the most common scenarios in which vegans face difficulties.

We encourage vegans living in the UK and Ireland to make use of these example letters if they feel able to assert their rights, adding their own facts and editing to fit their situation, with the aim of opening up communication with the employer or service provider about the issue they’re facing.

Usually the best approach will be to raise the issue, setting out your rights, with a view to having a constructive discussion about how the situation can be resolved. How things progress after the letter or email is sent will very much depend on how the employer or service provider responds. For example, if an employer responds to say that they have taken vegan requirements into account but have concluded that it would cause too much disruption to provide for vegan employees it would be a case of considering what they had to say and, if you disagreed, responding to explain why and proposing steps that could be taken.

In order to provide sample letters that can be of use to people living anywhere in the UK as well as in the Republic of Ireland, we have avoided specific reference to particular legislation as this varies across these jurisdictions. The law in each of these countries is based on the same European human rights and equality provisions, as described on our European Vegan Rights page, and the governments in each country have an obligation to ensure that vegans can live according to their fundamental conviction and that we are not discriminated against or harassed. In cases where raising the issue does not lead to constructive discussion or resolution, vegans can contact us for assistance, at which stage we can make more specific reference to the legal provisions applicable in the particular country. Please contact our Barbara Bolton on

We would also be very interested to hear from anyone who makes use of our sample letters to challenge lack of provision or discrimination or harassment, and to hear if they achieve a positive outcome.


Sample Letter_Employment_Standard Issue Equipment

Sample Letter_Employment_Vegan Food

Sample Letter_Employment_Milk Rota

Sample Letter_Employment_Harassment


Sample Letter_Hospital_Vegan Food

Sample Letter_Hospital_GP_Medication


Sample Letter_School_Animal Use

Sample Letter_School_Trips_Excursions

Sample Letter_School_Vegan Food

Sample Letter_School_Harassment_Bullying

Private Service Provider

Sample Letter_Private Service Provider_Vegan Food